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View Call Logs and Check Rates

How to install the application:
  • Click on download next to the phone model to transfer the 1LegCall application to your phone.
  • Save the download to your computer.
  • If you saved 1LegCall on your computer, transfer the application to your phone.
  • Be sure to save the application on your phone NOT your memory card
  • Launch the 1LegCall application on your phone.
  • Select your access point either WIFI or your Data Plan.
  • Enter Username – this is your account number.
  • Enter Password – this is your account pin number.

How to make a call:
  • Launch the 1LegCall application on your mobile phone.
  • To place a call simply dial the number and click on the green call button.
  • To end a call simply click on the red call end button.
  • To hear your current balance, select Options (on the bottom left), the select IVR.
  • To check your call log, select Options and click Call Log.
  • Having problems making a call?
    Confirm you have a 3G SIM Card.
    If you are from Qatar, click here. Check the speed of your 3G connection: Open the browser on your mobile phone, and go to and run the speed test. Test results defintions: BAD means your 3G mobile providers network is not fast enough to use 1legcall. GOOD/FAIR mean your 3G network is fast enough. Please contact support to help solve any other issues.

Having problems downloading?
  • Confirm you have the most recent software version loaded. If not, delete old version and load new version.
  • Do you see "Certificate may not be valid yet"? Confirm you have your phone set to todays date.
  • Are you required to enter an "Operator Code"? Confirm you have downloaded the application to your phone NOT your memory card.
  • Do you see an "Update error"? To resolve Select Menu-> Installations-> App. Mgr Scroll down and select APSServer or APSServer v2 and Click Options delete/remove. Once you have removed, download 1Legcall again.

Supported Phones

icon supported phones 1LegCall is supported on many Nokia mobile telephones. New models are being added to our list of phones every day. For a complete list of supported mobile VoIP phones, please click continue. button read more


icon flexible payment options With 1LegCall, you'll be able to enjoy amazing clarity and incredibly low rates for Voice Over IP mobile telephone calls. Click here to download our free software for your Nokia phone! button read more

Powerful Tools

icon flexible payment optionsOnly 1LegCall allows you to easily view your call log, check rates and recharge your account online. Using our simple web based VoIP management tools, you are in control at all times.button read more